Invincible vs Omni-Man

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Of course we all know Omni-Man, father of Invincible and the most powerful being on Earth. He can tear through anything and has ridiculous super-speed. On top of all that, he also has a pretty awesome mustache. So is it even worth considering Invincible vs Omni-Man? Gee, I wonder who would win? Nevertheless, you may be curious what such a thing would look like. Perhaps you watched the animated series and want to see what happened in comic books.

We see the outcome in Invincible issue 12. Hell, even the cover has Invincible beaten to a pulp. But what was the motivation of the fight? You see Omni-Man had been lying to his son and wife their entire lives. As explained in the previous issue, he did not come to Earth to protect it, but rather to weaken it until it could be conquered later. He would protect citizens of Earth to make sure that other conquerors wouldn’t take over the planet first. Omni-Man also killed The Guardians of the Globe, which is sort of a spoof of The Justice League in the same way Omni-Man is a spoof of Superman.

Omni-Man fighting Invincible

Of course his son Invincible disagrees with this madness and says that he won’t let his father destroy the Earth. Unfortunately he had not grown enough yet in age to gain his full superpowers. So needless to say, it was less “Invincible vs Omni-Man” and more “Omni-Man beating his child into the ground”. Or the ocean at least, and then the arctic. I mean this entire issue is just them fighting. I’m actually surprised that he beats his son so openly. Most fathers use like a bag of oranges or something because they don’t leave a fist-mark or the same impact as being whipped by a belt. But in this comic he punches his kid so hard that his costume is completely destroyed. By the end, Omni-Man leaves the planet rather than kill Invincible.

What do you think of these two fighting? Now I’ve heard of family feuds, but this takes it to a whole new level. Be sure to pick up (Affiliate Link) Invincible 12 as this is a monumental issue.