Batman and Catwoman Kiss

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Who can neglect one of the most popular characters in Batman’s world? Catwoman, also known a Selena Kyle, has been a fan favorite since the very first issue of Batman dated April 1940. Apparently she is one of Batman’s favorite characters as well, as they have famously been romantic partners in many situations over the years. But how old is Catwoman? Age is never stagnant so the best we can do is look at her from different time periods, young and old.

In the first of a four issue mini-series (Affiliate Link) called Catwoman from 1989 (collectively sold as Her Sister’s Keeper in trade paperback) someone suggests that Selina Kyle may be sixteen or seventeen. This is probably the youngest we will ever see her. She is in the hospital after being beaten and left for dead on the street. At this point she is a prostitute but denies any wrongdoing. Since this story takes place around the same time as Batman Year One, we know that Batman during this moment is 25. This puts Bruce and Selina at either eight or nine years apart from each other based on her alleged age. But since these could be origin or prequel stories, you may wonder how old is Catwoman in “present” time.

If you’re looking for a comic with a clear number, turn to Catwoman issue 2 from 2011 (New 52). She bluntly says she is 23 when Bruce Wayne questions who she is during a $1000-dollar-a-plate dinner benefit. Of course he already knows since he is Batman, and Batman is the greatest detective in the world. Using the seven-year logic previously mentioned, this would place Batman at age 31. This age gap seems to be the general consensus for Batman fans, plus it is assumed that Batman is generally in his 30s.

If we were to seek out how old Selena Kyle may be at her oldest, look no farther than The Dark Knight Returns. Since we know Bruce Wayne is 55 years old in this series we can conclude how old is Catwoman. This would put her at age 48 or 49. By then she has gained some weight and The Joker even remarks that the years have no been kind to her.

Have you found any other clue to identify how old Catwoman may be? Leave a comment and let me know.