Comics are hot, but not as hot as when two of DC’s top superheroes decide to lock lips. That is why I compiled this list of the hottest comic book kisses. Why are you still reading this paragraph? Look down for the goods.

Supergirl and Nightwing

Supergirl kisses Nightwing
Who is the guy that all of the girls dream about? Nightwing. Who is the girl that all guys dream about? Supergirl. It was going to happen eventually. Supergirl kisses Nightwing after misinterpreting his intentions. Just seeing the two of them rubbing chest to chest is enough to get anyone’s blood flowing.

Catwoman and Nightwing

Nightwing on top of Catwoman
Poor Nightwing. Women love to manipulate him. Catwoman is not just a master thief but also a master of seduction. The two were out together on the prowl one night and while in danger, Nightwing finds himself on top of Catwoman. Of course, Catwoman kisses Nightwing, who returns the favor reluctantly.

Batman and Catwoman

Batman and Catwoman Kiss
It is no secret that Batman and Catwoman have probably knocked boots at some point, and swapping spit just comes with the package. The hottest moment between the two of them was in Batman Hush when Batman and Catwoman kiss. Afterward, Batman becomes obsessed over this moment for the rest of the story.

Robin and Batgirl

Robin and Batgirl Kiss
A strange pattern about DC characters smooching is that it is always the woman that initiates it. In the Batman Family issue 1, Robin and Batgirl kiss. Not because they like each other, but because Batgirl was trying to shut Robin up. It was one of the hottest comic book kisses, as she bends him backwards with her passionate lips. Hot!

Starfire and Robin Kiss

starfire and robin kiss
I saved the best for the last. The most iconic of all. Among the hottest comic book kisses is when Starfire and Robin kiss for the first time. Starfire kisses him under the guise that the contact would make her learn the english language. I kid you not.

So there you have it. It seems that DC might have the monopoly of hottest comic book kisses. What are your favorite lip-locking moments in comic books? leave a comment below.

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