A History of Violence comic review

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You may have heard of A History of Violence, a graphic novel (Affiliate Link) that was turned into a movie and published by imprints of DC Comics. Its plot is novel and becomes immediately apparent why it was a perfect fit for the big screen.

Here is a quick synopsis: An early scene in the story takes place in a cafe owned by the main character. While in the coffee shop, a couple of serial killers come in and attack the people in the shop. The main character takes a coffee pot and retaliates. The result is an instant celebrity in a small town which draws the attention of the local media. His face plastered all over television causes his past to catch up with him.

The last scene of A History of Violence is awesome. The main character confronts a sick and disturbed killer and saves the day… again. The ending of the comic is worth buying alone.

For those who do not know, the graphic novel was also made into a movie. (affiliate link) One of the differences between the A History of Violence graphic novel and the movie is that the film added a completely unnecessary love making scene where the main character’s wife dresses up as a cheerleader. I guess every film needs a sex scene?

Some critics have panned the graphic novel compared o the movie: I disagree. The comic version contains story elements that feel far more realistic, plus has better pacing and story telling. Have you read or watched this story? What did you think?