Golden Glider

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You can always spot a good super villain after you find out that they used to ice-skate. We are going to talk about Lisa Snart, the DC comic character known as Golden Glider. She had a bone to pick with The Flash, Barry Allen, after he was allegedly responsible for the death of The Top, who was her lover. With her orange outfit and special ice-skates, she can seemingly skate on air, as they create a flow of ice. You may have heard of her brother, Captain Cold, who uses a dangerous freeze gun. But who is Lisa Snart, and why is she such a threat to The Flash? Let’s find out.

The story is told in The Flash, issue 250 and published in 1977. The speedster Barry Allen encounters Captain Cold, also known as Len Snart. His ice gun interferes with The Flash’s ability to control himself while he runs. The villain uses his gun on Flash’s boots, which causes him to lose control, and gets badly burned from the ice. However, Captain Cold missed his window to kill Flash, due to his sister Golden Glider snatching his gun away from him. She explains that she doesn’t want him dead yet, as she wants to first put him through a living hell. She wants Flash to suffer like she has, since her lover Roscoe Dillon is now dead.

Golden Glider origin

At this point, we find out more about Golden Glider’s backstory. Lisa Snart, the younger sister of Captain Cold, was a champion skater who performed in ice shows all over the world. Her coach was another skater, Roscoe Dillon. He was known as The Top, as he taught her to spin like a top. While The Top was battling his nemesis, The Flash, in Central City, he brought death upon himself while attempting to destroy him. Golden Glider vows revenge, and no more skating until she gets The Flash where it hurts the most. Later in the story, we see that she has a remarkable pair of ice skates that manufacture their own aerial ice.

Using a device that tracks The Flash’s protective aura, Golden Glider is able to spy on him and witness him sweet-talking his wife, Iris, on the street while in his costume. She tries to shoot Iris with a freeze-dryer gun, but Flash intervenes the shot, saving her life. Golden Glider is captured in the following issue, The Flash 251.

While Golden Glider may not be the most well-known or widely recognized super villain in the DC comic world, she certainly deserves some recognition for her ability to skate on air and create a flow of ice. Who needs actual flight or superhuman strength when you have a pair of really cool ice skates, right? Her bone to pick with The Flash may seem a bit petty, but who among us hasn’t held a grudge or two in our lives? So, let’s give Golden Glider the credit she deserves for being a formidable opponent to The Flash, and for having some serious style while doing it.

Have you ever wanted to witness a superhero getting burned by an ice gun? Well then, The Flash issue 250 is the comic book for you (Affiliate Link). Not only do you get to see Captain Cold and Golden Glider in action, but you also get to witness The Flash struggling to maintain control while he runs on ice. And let’s not forget the drama and revenge-filled storyline that Golden Glider brings to the table.