Gold Kryptonite

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You might be wondering what is gold kryptonite, and what does it do to Superman. The answer is simple but appeared in comics and other mediums multiple times. Simply put Gold Kryptonite removes a Kryptonian of his powers. The first comic to feature this was Adventure Comics 299. It told an “imaginary tale” where Superboy encounters a meteorite that is golden in color. When he made contact with it, there was a delayed effect where he began to lose all of his super-powers permanently. Once this happened, his life turned upside down. Worse than that, he had no idea where the source of his bad luck came from. Let’s delve a little deeper and look at the gold kryptonite effects on Superman.

In World’s Finest Comics 159 (Affiliate Link) an enemy with Superman’s powers and some of his knowledge digs underground to uncover gold kryptonite. Superman explains that he had robots bury it underground, and if he gets within a two feet radius he will lose his powers for good. The enemy is named Anti-Superman and chases Superman while attempting to throw the gold kryptonite at him. Luckily Batman intervenes and by the end of the story the gold kryptonite was “disposed of”.

Types of Kryptonite

Are there other comics with gold Kryptonite? You betcha. Something like 65-plus comics over time have some sort of mention or brief glimpse of it somewhere. For example, in Batman/Superman issue 49 you can see on the last page that Batman stores all types of kryptonite as contingencies. Another example is Action Comics 500, which is a great place to start reading for any Superman fan. It tells his life story, and is basically the handbook on Superman. On page 47 he explains how there are all different types but the deadliest of them all is the gold variety. There is also implications that nuclear explosions can effect the properties of kryptonite. Action Comics 500 is also interesting to read because it was published in 1979 when Supergirl still wore a dumb-looking pair of hot-pants.

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