Frank Miller Robocop

The Frank Miller Robocop comic is a nine-part series based on the original Robocop 2 movie script. I have not always been a fan of Frank Miller’s work, but I have always been a fan of Robocop. Because of this, I gave it a shot. And boy am I glad I did! This comic will blow your socks off with awesomeness.

Similar to the movie Robocop 3, The story focuses on the destruction of old Detroit, courtesy of OCP. Apartment buildings are being knocked down while tenants are still in their homes. Teenagers who were once working at Burger King are now reduced to being prostitutes. While this is all going on, the police are on strike, and OCP has responded by recruiting “the rehabs”, an ultra-violent replacement force that are focused on wiping out what is left of the police union.

Robocop, to fill in for the police strike, patrols for days at a time, and refuses to force citizens out of their homes (prime directive: serve the public trust). Dr. Love, a misguided “power-hungry bitch” thinks Robocop’s disobedience is due to the morals from his former life as Alex Murphy. As a replacement, “Robocop 2” is created, containing the brain of a psychotic rehab.

The action in Frank Miller Robocop is off the charts. Anne Lewis is totally badass, spraying bullets in tattered clothes throughout the comics. Explosions go off left and right, and there are some excellent twists that happen as well. Robocop is pushed to his limits as he fights in a heavily damaged shell, with blood constantly pouring out of his head.

If after getting Frank Miller Robocop, (affiliate link) you read it and don’t like it, to each their own. But honestly, I don’t understand how people could say this is worse than the movie version of Robocop 2 turned out. Did they forget that whole 80s anti-drug fad that leaked into the plot of Robocop 2 like raw sewage leaking into your basement?
Frank Miller Robocop 2
Definitely shell out the money and give this story a chance. Do you agree or disagree with me? Comment below.

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