first appearance of Rogue

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If you are a fan of X-Men, no doubt you have heard of Rogue. She is the sexy flying mutant, often seen wearing a bodysuit and gloves. Her powers give her the ability to temporarily, and sometimes permanently, obtain another character’s powers. Although later Rogue became a member of the noble X-Men, the first appearance of Rogue paints a different picture of her past.

The first appearance of Rogue was in The Avengers Annual number 10. It begins with Ms Marvel dropping off a bridge, with her mind wiped clean. And guess who was responsible? You guessed it: Rogue. Not completely familiar with her powers yet, Rogue not only permanent obtains Ms Marvel’s powers of flight, but also manages to erase her mind. (Professor Xavier manages to restore part of her memory from her subconscious)

Rogue proves to be ruthless. She manages to gain the combined strength of Ms Marvel, Thor, and Captain America. Suddenly, we see why Rogue was chosen to be such a great villain. Rogue’s strength could have flattened a building. From the very first appearance of Rogue, she has the southern-like accent that has become her signature.

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