Female characters in X-Men

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If there is one comic series that has its share of female characters, it’s X-Men. Storm and Jean Grey are the first to come to mind, not to mention the plethora of villains. But what is more interesting are the female characters of X-Man that started out to be somewhat obscure before becoming popular. Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, and Dazzler are three that didn’t seem to be particularly memorable or interesting at first, yet they proved to hold their own and last the test of time.

Jubilee first appearance

Starting off with probably the most popular of the bunch, Jubilee was just a typical mall-rate kid that would do little fireworks to draw a crowd. She was first seen in 1989, which almost made her your typical 90s brat hanging outside the arcade. While not exactly top-notch material as far as The X-Men goes, her character proved to be popular, especially on the X-Men: The Animated Series from 1992. Jubilee is seen in the first episode, immediately drawing your attention to a character that would otherwise be obscure. She has an appeal for being a sort of outsider from the group, along with having a youthful energy. As far as her powers go, she isn’t worth doggy doo-doo. Still, she has proven to be a memorable female character of X-men.

Kitty Pride in X-Men 138

Another female character in X-Men that nobody expected to be popular was Kitty Pryde. Portrayed as a thirteen-year-old cute girl, Pryde has the ultra-cool ability to walk through walls. Perhaps not the deepest character, yet her simple powers proven useful, even if not as versatile as controlling the weather like Storm can do. There was also that time when she was inside a giant bullet headed toward Earth, and she made it phase through the planet. Read Giant Sized Astonishing X-Men 1 if you don’t believe me.

Dazzler X-Men first appearance

I saved the best for last, which is Dazzler. This character, honestly, should never have lasted. With the power to turn sound into light, Dazzler started off as a collaboration between Marvel Comics and Casablanca Records to have movie and album tie-ins. So right off the bat, you can tell that Dazzler was designed to be a calculated cash-grab, a character that was made to be used and thrown away like used toilet paper. Despite the absurdity of the character and its origin, she has appeared in many story arcs, and even got her own series. How this character was able to make a major impact as a female character of The X-Men is a mystery to me.

So there you go, three female X-Men characters that were not exactly the deepest or well-thought-out, yet they proved to be among the most popular. Jubilee just creates mini fireworks with her hands, and Dazzler started as a disco dancer. Kitty Pryde not only has a cool name, but perhaps has the most practical abilities of these three characters. Too bad neither of them have cool powers like, ya know, shooting lasers out of your eyes, or having metallic claws that slide out of your fists.