Dr Strange vs The Hulk

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Perhaps you heard of Dr Strange, sometimes known as the Sorcerer Supreme. As the Earth’s protector from magic and other weird stuff, he also has a sense of cleverness that complements his abilities. These abilities comes in handy when — gee, I don’t know — when The Hulk has gone berserk in New York City perhaps? It turns out that a villain named Nightmare has been giving Bruce Banner, um, nightmares, and using his dreams to manipulate his waking life. He is commanded to go after Stephen Strange. Oh yes people, we get to see Dr Strange vs The Hulk. Perhaps a silly match up since they are powerful in completely different ways. We can see the battle in Incredible Hulk 299.

Apparently The Sanctum Sanctorum of Dr Stephen Strange is at 177A Bleeker Street since The Hulk was able to leap there. Yes, he simply jumped into the air and landed where he wanted to. Before the battle could even begin, Strange knew The Hulk was at his door and sensed that he was not in his right mind. He uses the all-seeing eye of Agomotto to force Nightmare to reveal himself, and discovered that irreparable damage had been done. Strange is able to go into Bruce Banner’s mind and let him know that he is being manipulated. But rather than succumb to the Hulk or Nightmare, Bruce performs a sort of mental suicide and ceases his existence. The only thing left is the savage Hulk.

Hulk vs Strange

Or in other words, Strange accomplished nothing as the Hulk is still wildly out of control. However we no longer see Dr Strange vs The Hulk as there is no conscious mind attacking strange but rather a wild monster. Strange tried to hold Hulk in a shimmering cage made from sorcery but he is too weak after witnessing his friend Banner end his own existence. Hulk breaks free and leaps away, leading to monumental issue Incredible Hulk 300.

There was hardily a battle since The Hulk is no match whatsoever to Dr Strange’s sorcery. However it was interesting to see what would happen when brought face to face. Strange was able to contain and control The Hulk on some level, which shows how strong his abilities are. Artist Sal Buscema has his talent shine through in this issue as we get a close look at some interesting panels. The way the Hulk’s anatomy is portrayed on his outer arm is remarkable with every muscle being accounted for. On pages 11 and 12 we see not only an expert’s understanding of a horse but also an impressive image of a horse falling over on its side. Be sure to grab (Affiliate Link) Incredible Hulk 299 for all its glory.