Catwoman and Joker kiss

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Yes, it is true that Catwoman and Joker kiss at some point, but let us be honest here. Is there anyone that Catwoman has not kissed? She has probably kissed horse manure and cockroaches (yes I said cockroaches, get your mind out of the gutter) .

In Catwoman 65 volume 2 (Affiliate Link), Catwoman and Joker kiss at the end of a three-issue story arch where the Joker contaminates Catwoman with some sort of radioactive material so she could be tracked. Now that I think about it, the story never really gets wrapped up in the end. Basically the joker wanted to cause havoc by shooting rockets at Selena so people would think that she was responsible for all of the public destruction. And because Joker knows that Batman and you-know-who have some sort or relationship, he figured that attacking her would be like attacking Batman.

Honestly, not a whole lot about the story makes sense. Where did the Joker get rockets? And oh yeah, he escaped from Arkham Asylum by using sausages as a conductor. Whatever that means. I guess comic book stories like this do not need to make much sense. At the end, Catwoman tells Joker that she killed Batman because he was too much baggage, and then Catwoman and Joker kiss. Well more like Selena gives him a teasing message to show that she won. And of course Batman is not really dead.

So what was the point? I have no idea. I guess it was just supposed to be a cute story. Either way, I have always enjoyed reading These Catwoman volume 2 issues. They are a little lighter and easier to read. They were written in the mid-nineties, during that whole Knightfall incident, which was when Batman fractured his back. It lead to some incident during the nineties with comic books but I cannot remember what… oh yeah! The industry came tumbling down like a house of cards.
Catwoman and Joker
Do I really need to convince you to read this? Get your butt to the comic story and do it.