Black Spider DC

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Trying to research Black Spider from DC can be a dizzying experience, due to the character’s variations of the years. Probably the most popular goes by the name Eric Needham. He is seen in the original Detective Comics, issue 463. Here we see him for the first time, get a taste of his character traits, and get an interesting story to boot.

The story, called “Death-Web”, starts with Batman tracking down a couple drug dealers with thirty pounds of pure cut heroin. One of them dies from a car explosion, and injures Batman’s shoulder in the process. His butler and confidant Alfred bandages his arm, and Batman goes out to investigate. When another is killed, Batman traces the gunshot to a rooftop. This is when we get to see Black Spider, DC’s Eric Needham, for the first time.

Batman’s first interaction with DC’s Black Spider is a surprise. It turns out that Black Spider had been inspired by Batman, emulating him to bring scum to permanent justice. Black Spider had already killed that day, enough to get Batman’s attention. Due to Batman’s injured shoulder, he gets his butt whooped, and the rifle that he used to kill people was left with Batman in order to frame him.

Eric Needham DC

In the following issue, Batman unmasks Black Spider, and we discover that Eric Needham was a heroin junkie for six years. It turns out that he intends to literally have a war on drugs, and murder the people who are responsible for what happened to him. Black Spider seemingly dies from a bomb explosion, which concludes the story. It’s a shame that Batman and Black Spider from DC could never team up. They both intend on improving the world and ridding it of harmful narcotics, but Batman draws the line when killing is involved.

Black Spider from DC is the ideal role model for any aspiring vigilante who wants to take up a life of crime-fighting and murder. Who needs Batman’s strict moral code and non-lethal methods when you can be inspired by a heroin junkie who kills drug dealers and frames innocent people? And if you’re lucky, you might even get caught in a bomb explosion and die a heroic death, just like Black Spider did. Truly, a character worth looking up to. You would think that Detective Comics 463 might be worth a lot of money, since it introduces Black Spider. However, it’s neither rare nor expensive. This is why you should grab it right now (Affiliate Link) to see the story first-hand.

There have been three people who have assumed the identity of Black Spider at some point. This notorious villain has made appearances in a whopping 175 comic issues, showcasing his know-how in employing state-of-the-art weaponry like laser assisted rifles. With his brilliant athletic abilities at an Olympic level, Black Spider has committed himself to rigorous schooling in various fighting methods.

John LaMonica

The second Black Spider, also known as John LaMonica, was a notorious professional hitman who adopted the moniker after being assigned the task of assassinating the feared crime lord known as the Black Mask. However, his plans were thwarted by the vigilante Batman, resulting in his capture and subsequent imprisonment.

During his encounter with Batman, LaMonica suffered severe injuries that left his face disfigured, marked by a web-like pattern of scars. This ironic twist added an eerie symbolism to his chosen alias, Black Spider.

Black Spider’s infamy continued to grow, and he became a notable presence in the criminal underworld. It was during this time that Detectives Montoya and Allen found themselves pursuing a group of dangerous gang members, inadvertently wandering into the same building where Black Spider was conducting his criminal activities.

In a daring confrontation, Montoya narrowly escaped being shot by the vengeful Black Spider, thanks to a bulletproof vest that shielded her from harm. However, Detective Allen, recognizing the imminent threat to his partner’s life, had no choice but to employ lethal force, ultimately neutralizing Black Spider and saving Montoya from a potentially fatal gunshot.

Derrick Coe

The third Black Spider, also known as Derrick Coe, is a notorious villain who is associated with various groups and has an intriguing backstory. Initially hired by the Calculator to torment Savant, a member of the Birds of Prey, Black Spider’s mission took an unexpected turn when Savant managed to escape, pushing him off a roof. Remarkably, Black Spider survived this incident, suggesting the possibility of possessing metahuman powers. This speculation was supported by remarks made by one of the Birds that alluded to Black Spider’s enhanced abilities.

Furthermore, Black Spider found himself involved in significant events within the DC universe, including being sent to the treacherous planet Salvation alongside other dangerous villains. Their objective was to retrieve the highly sought-after Get Out of Hell Free Card from the Secret Six, a team known for their morally ambiguous nature. Although the outcome of this mission remains unknown, it establishes Black Spider’s involvement in high-stakes operations.

Later on, Black Spider made an appearance in the Battle for the Cowl storyline, specifically in the comic titled The Network. Within the pages of this comic, Black Spider engaged in a fierce battle against Huntress, ultimately succumbing to defeat at her hands. This encounter signifies Black Spider’s role in the ongoing conflict between various factions and characters in the DC universe.

His story continued as it was believed that both Derrick Coe, the Black Spider, and Eric Needham, another individual associated with the mantle, joined Alexander Luthor’s Secret Society of Super Villains. This influential organization, consisting of some of the most malevolent individuals, added another layer of complexity to Black Spider’s persona.

However, it remains unclear whether the Black Spider who was sent to Planet Salvation is the same as the one tasked with retrieving the Get Out of Hell Free Card. The distinction between these two missions raises questions about Black Spider’s allegiances, motivations, and possible duplicates of the character.