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Despite the fact that comics books are mainly designed for a male audience, the reality is that there are a multitude of comic books for girls as well. Unlike the normal comic books that are focused on action and a multitude of superhero types, most of the time with a sci-fi twist, the reality is that the comic books for girls usually have a female character lead and the action is grounded to earth. In fact, the comic books for girls are mostly focused on the evolution of the female characters and the things that shape them into what they are today. In this article we are going to focus on some of the best comic books that a girl can read!

X-Men/Uncanny X-Men

There are a mass amount of female heroes in the X-Men universe, with Jean Grey, Mystique, Kitty Pride, Storm, Rogue and many others. This is a great comic book for girls that want to see how female characters can find their purpose in life, accept their mutant powers and use them for good. The X-Men are a cohesive team, so reading this comic book series is great and educational for any girl.

The Green Arrow

Black Canary comics for girls
There are many females in the Green Arrow universe, such as the Black Canary and the Huntress, all of which combine great visuals with action packed power. Girls will surely like Black Canary and learn from the way she handles danger and her enemies.

Black Widow/Avengers/Iron Man

Comic Books for girls Black Widow
This Marvel character (Black Widow) has appeared in a horde of comics, from her own series to Iron Man, The Avengers, Secret Avengers, Marvel Fanfare, in fact you can even find her in the Amazing Spider-Man. She has her own series in the Amazing Adventures as well. What makes Black Widow a great character and an inspiration for any girl is her dedication to training and sticking to the plan, things that definitely made numerous girls follow her ideals.


Batgirl is the female version of Batman and she has her own comic series. Unlike Batman though, she uses her wits, appeal and appearance in order to solve any issues/cases, but she is no stranger to combat, which makes this comic book a great one to read by girls of any age.


She is the female Superman, but there are multiple versions of the character that appear either in the homonym comics series or in the Superman series. The action depicted here is really nice, and each comic allows us to explore a new side of this character, which makes it one of the best of comic books for girls.


You can find a multitude of female enemies in Batman comics, but Catwoman and Harley Quinn are the main ones that any girl will enjoy. These dangerous, yet pleasant enemies of Batman are very mysterious, and each one of their appearances allows you to unravel more and more mysteries, which is astounding and impressive at the same time.

Wonder Woman

Comics For Girls Wonder Woman
This Amazonian-themed superhero is the embodiment of a strong female character, and in her comic books for girls you will be able to see how she manages to overcome any obstacles, defeat enemies and train herself, not to mention the things that she has to go through in order to survive.

These are some of the best comic books for girls that you can find right now either online or in stores. The main idea is that all of these comics follow a variety of female characters, with whom girls can relate to, and most of the time these comic books are very educational since they allow girls to learn more and more from the situations depicted there. All in all, if you want a good set of comic books for girls, then browse through this article and you are bound to find what you are looking for!