batman the cult

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You may have thought that Batman could never be broken, or would never use guns. They both happen in Batman: the Cult. A four comic series that will shock you, this is a story that will change forever the way you think of Batman.

It is unusual to see Batman broken the way we’ve seen him broke in Knightfall. However, it did happen during another concurrence. A cult captures Batman and brainwashes him by starving him, then feeding him hallucinogenic drugs. The cult then proceeds to overtake Gotham, forcing out the police, national guard, and half the city… and Batman.

The story is powerful and entertaining. But Batman does not feel like Batman in this comic. Batman: the Cult does not focus on his detective skills like in other stories. In addition, he uses guns in his battle to retake Gotham. Is this the first time we’ve seen Batman holding a rifle? No, of course not. We have seen him using one in Dark Knight Returns. But in that case, it was years later, as an old man.

batman gun

If you like your comics violent, this is right up your alley. Many people are brutally murdered in Batman: the Cult, and the story is not shy to show all the gory details. Batman’s hallucinations are just as brutal, fantasizing about axing the Joker to death. The ending will surprise you as well. Any collector of graphic novels would be proud to have this (Affiliate Link) on their shelf.

Batman, with a gun? How delightful! I mean, I can’t think of any reason why having a superhero who has always been staunchly opposed to guns would suddenly pick one up and start firing away, other than the fact that it would be totally pointless and completely out of character. But hey, maybe he just really wanted to change things up and start killing people instead of just punching them. While some may argue that Batman’s use of guns goes against his core values and character traits, it is important to acknowledge that in certain storylines, the character’s evolution may have led to different interpretations. Regardless of how the reader feels about this interpretation, there is no denying that Batman: the Cult is a thought-provoking and unforgettable story that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who reads it.