Batman In Darkest Knight

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In stories like All-Star Batman and Robin, we know that there is some jealously about Bruce Wayne not having the same abilities as typical super-heroes. But what if he did? This is what is explored in a one-shot graphic novel called Batman In Darkest Knight. As Bruce Wayne sits in his study thinking about his parents, he is surprised when he sees an apparition of a Green Lantern, telling him that he was chosen to have the power to bring justice to this section of space. The title of the story has to do with the Green Lantern oath that states, “In brightest day, in darkest night, no evil shall escape my sight.”

After an alien crash takes place on the Wayne estate, Bruce hides the spaceship underground in a cave. The ring instructs him in how to maintain its power, and so he says the Green Lantern oath while using a lantern to charge it. We see a re-imagining of The Joker’s origin. While dressed as The Red Hood in a chemical processing building, Bruce as Green Lantern intervenes and saves everyone from harm. Commissioner Gordon is present with Harvey Dent, and Bruce is asked who he is and how can he do the things he did. He says that he can call him Green Lantern and then leaves. Gordon tells Dent that he doesn’t like vigilantes. Batman in Darkest Knight returns to his cave.

Bruce’s butler Alfred notices when the lantern summons for Bruce. A guardian tells him that Sinestro, a bearer of one of the Green Lantern rings, has been abusing his power and is out of control. Bruce is asked to deal with the issue. He takes the request to heart and flies through space to find Sinestro. A brief battle ensues on another planet. Bruce overpowers Sinestro, and assigns someone called Katma Tui as the new Green Lantern for the planet. Sinestro is put on trial and sent to the anti-matter universe of Qward, an irreversible banishment. However, someone was there waiting for him, and offers him a yellow ring.

As we continue with Batman In Darkest Knight, we see Bruce Wayne asking Gordon to locate the gunman who killed his parents 25 years ago. Gordon refuses, telling him not to go to him asking for favors, since he had been terrorizing the city. Bruce doesn’t mention his parents’ death, but Gordon decides to look through the police records to help discover his identity. Sinestro shows up while Gordon is in the record room and gives him a heart attack using his new yellow ring. He had watched Gordon long enough to see what he was doing, and decides to visit the man who killed Bruce’s parents. Sinestro reads his mind to learn the way he thinks, and to use it against Bruce.

After contaminating Harvey Dent and Star Sapphire, a trap is set up and the two of them attack Bruce, but they fail and use their new powers to escape. Star Sapphire is dressed like Catwoman, and Sinestro is now dressed like The Joker. Meanwhile, the guardians of the universe are tired of Bruce not cooperating, and so they summon the help of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash, who all get rings. They also send four Green Lanterns to retrieve Bruce’s ring, who is putting up a fight. When Sinestro and his accomplices attack Bruce’s butler Alfred and contaminate his lantern (which he uses to charge his ring), we see Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash come to stop them. The bad guys escape, and Alfred touches the contaminated lantern, killing himself to protect Bruce. Bruce then flies away into space to find Sinestro, while allowing the heroes to keep his house and cave to use as a headquarters.

Superman in Darkest Knight

Batman In Darkest Knight is a crazy story. It seems like everyone was able to get a ring, even those who wouldn’t need it. It’s quite a fun read, and has included too many memorable characters to name. You have to admit, this plot is pretty amazing. Do the right thing, buy this story (Affiliate Link), and read it.