Atomik Angels comic

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The Atomik Angels comic book is peculiar in more way than one. A ton of American comics find their way into my hands, but in this case a Canadian-published comic proved itself to be an unusual rascal. The irony is that Atomik Angels, as it says on the covers, are “supporters of Intrepid Air and Space Museum”. And where is that museum? Not in Canada, that is all you need to know! I told you it is a peculiar comic, didn’t I?

The story is that a comic hero gang is secretly hiding out in the bottom deck of the Intrepid aircraft carrier, also known as the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. This makes the story take place in New York City. The Atomik Angels are sometimes referred to simply as “Angels”. The teams is of all women, so it feels suspiciously reminiscent of Charlie’s Angels. In the first issue, rumors are discussed about the Empire State Building dispersing toxic gas.

None of this really matters because Atomik Angels does not have a lot of character development, nor does it make itself stand out compared to other super hero teams, such as the Avengers. What makes it worth reading (and collecting) is its conspicuous relationship to the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. It was also written before September 11th 2001, which since then has made discussion of NYC terrorist attacks a no-no. It was published in 1996, at the edge of the comic book industry crash. Be sure to check it out (Affiliate Link) for all of these reasons. Oh, and Fairchild makes a cameo appearance for no reason.