Archie proposes to Veronica

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Archie comics and their characters have been around for a long time. In fact, Archie had been around for so long that it reached a pivotal issue (600). Our favorite red head proposes to Veronica in this hypothetical comic book story.

As we all know, Betty and Veronica have been fighting over Archie’s penis forever. To have two people fighting over you is everyone’s dream, which is probably why the series has lasted so long. In issue 600, Archie reaches a turning point after finishing High School where he considers many paths in his future. In one of them, Archie marries Veronica. We do not get to see this in this issue, but rather the proposal and reaction from all parties involved.

Veronica is about to leave on a 3 month trip, so Archie needs to make a decision fast. He quickly decides to propose in a jewelry store. By pure coincidence, Betty is looking at the diamonds in the window, and sees Archie down on one knee. The shock of Betty picturing when Archie marries Veronica must have been too much to bear.
Archie proposes to Veronica
Frankly, I think the idea of Archie and Veronica being together is preposterous. Veronica is a rich spoiled brat. Betty is the innocent girl next door that is easy to relate to. In addition, Archie is poor in the same way Betty is. The two are clearly a much better fit.

The art in Archie 600 is not the best. The artist has attempted to imitate the comic’s typical style, where there is an upward shadow line on the characters’ cheeks. Unfortunately, Stan Goldberg was unsuccessful with unbalanced facial proportions and with the cheek line way too high. It is actually amazing that the series has stuck with the same drawing style after all these years.
Archie and Betty
If you are interested, 50 Times an American Icon is the best way to read about this. It includes over 50 different pages of artwork from various artists. One of the best is from renowned artist Michael Linsner, who portrays Betty in the sexiest way possible.