Action Comics 254

I was wondering about Action Comics 254 because it is an early Supergirl story, and I wanted to see what was different about Supergirl compared to the modern  version of her. It is interesting to see Supergirl actually look like a girl wearing a dress and stuff, and not like a teenage whore wearing a super-short skirt (get it? super short? Aah  my jokes are wasted on you guys) that might as well be a belt.

In this story, Supergirl is posing like a foster child as a cover, because Superman told her to, and back when Action Comics 254 was published, little girls did what their elders told them to or they would get a black eye. Man, Superman giving Supergirl a  black eye, I would sure like to see that. Anyway Supergirl posing as Linda Lee gets adopted by a couple of swindlers who sell bogus super-potion or something.

So why is Action Comics 254 worth reading? well, it's  because the story is absolutely ridiculous after a certain point and it's hilarious. In order to explain her super powers that she reveals accidentally, she comes up with this bizarre cover-up that involves puppeteering a doctor and using super-ventriloquism to imitate his voice. You see, back then, the writers of Superman and Supergirl would just make up any powers they'd damn please apparently. For this reason alone even, you have to pick up a copy of this issue (Action Comics 254). What is great about these old comics is that although they are sought after and are collectable, if so much as an ant farts on the cover, the value and price drops dramatically. For those of us who like to read comics and not just stare at them behind a plastic bag, this is good news because this makes them affordable.

By Al

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