Robin Loves Burgers and Fries

Ever read All-Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder? If you had, you would know that Batman is a man whore. You would also know that Batman is a jerk. Batman is such a jerk that he intends Robin to eat rats as part of his emotional training or something.

If you were a little American kid that just had his parents killed, what would you crave the most? That’s right: little Robin loves burgers and fries. We know this for a fact because Batman’s butler, Alfred, decided that a bacon cheeseburger would provide better nutrition that a rat would. Batman flips out and man-handles Alfred, and Alfred pretty much tells him to go eff himself.

Robin loves burgers and fries. Would would have thought? I would have thought that a circus performer would like cotton candy, or ten-dollar hotdogs that come all dried out and wrapped in a piece of tin foil. Perhaps Robin could have doubled as a side-show freak and could have been eating rats. Batman would have been right!

If you loves burgers and other American stereotypes, be sure to read (affiliate link) All-Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder. Not just because Robin loves burgers and fries, but also because Batman is a grade-A certified jerk that gets off by making little kids eat rats for dinner. Perhaps I misinterpreted the message of this story? Leave a comment below and set me straight.

By Allen

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