Robin and Starfire

In the New Teen Titans, volume 2 issue 39, Robin and Starfire gets cozy as they move in together. Or I should say Nightwing… or Dick? I hate using that name; sound dirty. Anyway, Dick has been having reoccurring dreams where he makes love to Raven. It turns out that Raven misinterpreted a kiss from Dick and thinks he is in love with her. While this is all going on, Starfire is surprisingly cool with all of this.

There are a couple things that are hard to not notice about New Teen Titans #39. First, Starfire is naked and lying in bed the majority of the time in this comic. And second, Dick sleeps with his pants on. Why the artist felt that the woman has to be completely naked but the man has to be completely covered below the belt is beyond me.

Something else that grabbed my attention is that the title of the comic is the New Teen Titans. This is volume 2, issue 39. For a comic with the word “teen” on the cover, you would think there would be more teens in the comic. But there are none, because the characters are all grown up.

If you are a fan of Robin and Starfire being in a relationship, you should definitely read this issue. The story is called “Loving You” and is from the second series of the New Teen Titans.
Starfire in bed

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  1. It’s not ANY woman. It’s Koriand’r. See if in any Donna and Terry bed scene she appear in the nude. Raven appeared in opposite places. I think both Wally and that Psycho Killer who fooled her appeared nude while she was clothed.

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