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When I watch Gilmore Girls, I think about the series, the cast, the quotes and the characters. From the pilot to the finale, the WB show was comedic gold. Or at least it was until its new network, CW, killed it. But that is a story for a different day.

If you know me, then you know that I love coming of age shows and movies. Gilmore Girls definitely falls under that category. The synopsis is that a woman who mothered a child at the young age of sixteen years old now has to deal with her sixteen year old daughter. The concept is brilliant. The thin age gap allows them to be best friends.

What has made Gilmore Girls such a lovable show is its constant branding of sarcastic humor. The program is never obscene, dirty, or out of line. Anyone can watch it and appreciate its messages. The sweet characters, especially Rory and her boyfriend Dean from season 1 (played by Jared Padalecki), will bring you flashbacks of first loves.

There is no dancing around the fact that the leading characters are gorgeous. I would gladly make either one of them my wife. If you think lusting over a sixteen year old girl is sick, consider this: the actress Alexis Bledel was actually like 20 years old at the time the show was on the air.

It is not hard to watch the long-running television show. Beside watching it online by Netflix or Hulu, there is a sweet box set that includes all the Gilmore Girls seasons, DVD extras, and an episode guide. In fact, if you were to get it on Amazon (affiliate link) you would be getting a ridiculously good deal: at the time of this writing, they are selling it for 75% off the retail price. If you do not buy it, you are an idiot. Sorry, but the truth hurts.

What do you think of Gilmore Girls? Fun? Stupid? Cheesy? Is the theme song stuck in your head, and now you are awake all night trying to remember the lyrics? Leave a comment.

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